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Today I’m going to continue with my Christian Metal topic and talk about some bands that you should check out if a) you just got into metal/hardcore/etc., b) you just became a follower of Christ and you’re looking for a little more from your favorite genre, or c) you’re looking for something different or new from metal today.  Remember, I don’t review music here. I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I don’t think people give some of these bands enough credit. 

Some of the lame excuses I’ve heard not to listen to these bands are: there’s no talent in metalcore, everyone in the “scene” or this genre sounds the same, Christian bands suck, and Christian lyrics suck, etc. If you can get past these misconceptions, assumptions, and ignorance, I guarantee you will fall in love with them. Disclaimer:  if I don’t have the genre right… forgive me, there’s so many.

One of the best long-time Christian emo/post-hardcore acts ever. They have made a lot of records, a lot of fans, and this is a must-have if you like the genre. They will quickly become a staple to your music library.

Sleeping Giant
While they are slightly metal/metalcore, I put them in hardcore because of their mainly-hardcore roots. Sleeping Giant lives up to their name. They are a force to be reckoned with and a band to keep an eye out for. If you love hardcore music, this band is a great pick. If you’re a Christian or you’re exploring in your beliefs, I believe you will find this bands to be very moving. Their lyrics are honest and will turn you upside down.

As I Lay Dying
The most well-known Christian metalcore act of all time. All of their records are masterpieces from beginning to end. They epitomized the metalcore genre and made huge breakthroughs for Christian metal. Their lyrics are pretty personal, usually consisting frontman Tim Lambesis and his struggles in life. This band has become popular with Chrstians and non-Christians alike. If you listen to a lot of metalcore and don’t have them in your music library, then you don’t really love metalcore that much!

Haste the Day
Haste the Day have been around for 8 years now and have already pounded out 4 records. The first to albums were with the well-known Jimmy Ryan (now with Trenches). Then subsequent 2 albums were done with vocalist Stephen Keech. I’m sure fans of metalcore young and old will find a place for HTD in their heart. Their songs range from mostly-sang to mostly-screamed and chock-full of break-downs. While maybe not a must-have band for some people, others will find them irresistable. The members are all Christians and the lyrics on the most recent album, Dreamer, are very open about their faith.

Norma Jean
What can be said about The Almighty Norma Jean? If you listen to any metal or metalcore at all, you should know them very well. If you don’t, you can take that as an insult and go buy some of their albums now. Just kidding! Of all the bands listed today, this is the only band that listeners either love or hate. From their first record (under the band name Luti-Kriss) to their most recent album, titled The Anti-Mother, they have carried their own very unique sound. There is really only one characteristic in their music that permeates all the records: chaos. From extremely chaotic to slightly crazy, all of the albums carry the sound. This band is a personal favorite of mine.

With an appropriate name borrowed from one of Skillet’s songs, this will be the first of many installments to introduce you to Christian metal. I won’t post bands that aren’t interesting. They will be relevant to both believers and non-believers of Christ. I hope you found this information interesting. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!


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    Hey Loren. Wow, so encouraging to hear that the Lord used my latest post to speak to you. Just based on your comment, it was worth the time it took me to write it all out. Keep your eyes on Jesus! chad

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