World Peace

World Peace: endeavor of all endeavors, or a fool’s dream? Today I’m going to evaluate it and lay down the truth on this subject, without being too controversial or a long dissertation. For the most part, is World Peace not a fool’s dream? At least it is in our current reality. I suppose it also depends on your definition. I will cover the two broadest definitions I could think of: 1) World Peace; the absence of physical war between all nations, tribes, and peoples and 2) World Peace; mutual harmony between all people.

Definition number one, the “the absence of physical war between all nations, tribes, and people” is thought to be plausible… if not for a short period of time. Is it plausible for the world to be without war for 5 minutes? A day? A month? Do you see where I am going? How long do you go without war before calling it World Peace? I’ll take that and go to the extreme and say this: definition one shouldn’t be used unless referencing a forever-enduring World Peace. When have we ever known war to cease? History shows us countless cases of war. Some people say that it would be possible after a great war and great destruction that would unite everyone. My fear is this: How far should we go then? What’s the cost? Our lives have always been the cost of true freedom and that requires war.

Definition one is deceptive, it gives everyone the belief that it’s possible when it truly is not. I believe there is only one man that can make this possible, and His name is Jesus Christ. And while I don’t claim to know the Bible from front to back, I know we won’t see the effects of His power until the second coming when there will be great destruction and pain along with the lasting peace.

Definition number two, “mutual harmony between all people” is absolutely impossible. The only way to attain this is to defeat Satan, the epitome of evil himself and this leads me to the same conclusion as before. Only one man lived without sin and only one man is capable. There will always be war between people, families, tribes, and countries. Even if you are not a follower of Jesus Christ, I still think my arguments are valid. So many people think World Peace equals no war. A true world peace would be a world without evil: an unattainable dream.


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