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Taking a Break to Write

To my dear three readers: I know that I have not been very active at all recently. There is a reason for all of this though. I’m actually writing a book. At this point, I do not want to release any information about the book to public, so I can’t tell you all the little […]

Great news! I have purchased a domain name for the blog. You can now go to to get to the web page, and email me at for any site-related questions or concerns Now it is much easier to share with your family and friends. Thanks for reading!

World, Meet Broken and Glowing

Broken and Glowing is a Christ-focused Blog on exploring heavy music, alternative writing, and real people. It is about finding God in a secular world. It is about finding God in all the dark cracks and crevices where previously never thought possible. Here, you will not find CD reviews, but you might find a deep […]