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The Question

Tonight I ask a Question to all you Christians out there. I saw Emery live tonight at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale Arizona. They played with Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Closure in Moscow (?), Secret and Whisper, and Kiros. What a great show. Anyway, a question came up. The Question is an obvious reference […]

A Little More Vol. 1

Today I’m going to continue with my Christian Metal topic and talk about some bands that you should check out if a) you just got into metal/hardcore/etc., b) you just became a follower of Christ and you’re looking for a little more from your favorite genre, or c) you’re looking for something different or new […]

What’s In the Music?

In a world of regurgitated, fake, and studio-perfected music, it’s no wonder the music industry looks like a downward spiral. I guess it depends on where you look at it. If you look at pop music or, I suppose, mainstream music, it would reflect that commonly accepted view today. In my experience, however, I have […]